Buying a motor home is the dream of every camper. Motorhome allows you to expand the boundaries of your travels. With a camper, you will not be tied to the schedules of trains, planes, the availability of tickets at the box office and available rooms in hotels.

The mobile homes have everything you need for a comfortable stay and relaxation during long trips.

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Initially, it seems that there are a great many different RVs, but when you start to understand, you understand that there are only 2 large categories of motor homes: Motorized Motorhomes and Towed trailers.

Class A
Class B
Class C
Pop Ups
Travel Trailes
Fifth Wheels
Truck Camp

These are self-propelled vehicles on which you can ride or even live in them. In America, there are only 3 classes of RV - A, B and C.

The strangest thing in their classification is that they move from the largest - class A - to the smallest - class B, and only then to the average size C. What is the point? Unclear. However, the way it is. So you just need to remember this.

These motorhomes belong to the premium class. The driver's cab of the integrated mobile homes is fully integrated into the residential part. There is no visual separation between these parts. Integrated models are distinguished by increased dimensions (from 6.5m-13.7m), as well as increased carrying capacity. To control such a motorhome, a category of rights “C” is needed. These motorhomes have a unique design and a special level of comfort. Representatives of this class are great for long trips. They can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people. At the same time, large dimensions require a large space for parking, and this car is inconvenient to operate in the city.
The most compact mobile home. Great choice due to price, versatility and ease of use. Usually equipped with kitchen equipment, a small refrigerator, heating, sleeping places, sometimes a separate bathroom and a fresh water tank. Comfortably accommodates up to 4 people. It has dimensions from 5.2 m to 5.8 m. It can be used as a city car. Not very suitable for long trips, due to limited space.
Altogether they are a smaller version of a class A motor home. Most often, these are specially converted minivans. Most likely, the sleeping rooms will be located above the cabin, as well as another rear seat (retractable function), which allows you to increase living space. Usually equipped with many of the same functions as their larger counterparts, such as a refrigerator, kitchen equipment, a stand-alone toilet, as well as many appliances and entertainment equipment. Life support systems include: heating system, water supply system, power supply system and gas supply. Comfortably accommodates up to 8 beds. Size: 6 to 9.5 meters in length. These houses are also called residential minivan, castenvagen.
Towing a trailer requires a vehicle, such as an SUV, pickup truck or van, and a special hitch that controls the trailer's vibrations during movement. Usually in such trailers all life amenities that are in the motorized RV classes are provided. It holds up to 8 berths, depending on the model and configuration, and it can be from 3 to 11 m in length.
Fifth-Wheel Trailer RV Classes
RV classes with a fifth wheel trailer got their name because they have a front end that extends above the towing vehicle and ends with a plate that looks like another wheel. The "wheel" is attached to the cab of a full-size pickup truck, which tows it. When using the fifth wheel, it is important to have the right towing vehicle. There is plenty of room inside these RV-class trailers, and some often include pull-out drawers to increase living space. Usually includes a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. Since these trailers provide the best in home comforts, this is a great choice if you are in the same place for a long period of time.
This is the most maneuverable and inexpensive type of residential trailer. Despite its small size, the tent trailer makes the traveler's rest comfortable. The tent trailer can be transported by small cars. Category B permissions are sufficient for driving a car with a trailer tent. Modern trailer tents are equipped with a special mechanism that allows you to open it in a few minutes. Thanks to the folding mechanism, the tent takes up relatively little space and is easy to store.
This is a travel trailer that attaches to a pickup truck. The advantage of this type of campers is its mobility. If necessary, the residential module can be removed from the pickup. This type of trailer is very common among those who like to often spend weekends in nature and travel on the road. In normal times, the pickup can be used as an everyday car, while resting it is easy to attach a living compartment, in which there is a bed, a kitchen unit, often a sauna. Depending on the size and model, the residential module can accommodate up to six people.
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