Used Cars

Used Cars

If you don’t want to make a pre-order and wait for the appearance of a certain brand at the auction, then you should visit the section “available cars from the USA”. Here are the models that are already put up for sale by the owners.



Each car is assigned a code by which you can find out the whole history of the car. Accidents, fines, and even whether it was drowned are described. Such factors are key, because they strongly affect the cost of transport, plus not every buyer is willing to shell out money for such a car. That's just these factors that can reduce the price by almost half. Cars from the United States have a detailed description, where everyone can evaluate the technical characteristics of the presented option. Why do consumers choose cars from America:

Significant cost reduction;
The basic equipment may be richer than that available on the domestic market;
Low mileage and full information about the car from America, which is available at auction. No one will lie, and not be able to, twisting the mileage, as we do.
Operating conditions, American roads are much better than ours. Moreover, foreigners often use transport to travel to work, to visit supermarkets, etc.
The section presents exclusively clean machines that do not have any debt obligations, etc. These options are also called "clean title." Flooded, stolen, accidentally damaged options are completely excluded, they can be considered at auctions, which is presented in a separate section of the company. Everyone will appreciate the benefits of the services by filling out one deal.




Purchase inquiry

1. Car in stock:

Select the car you are interested in in the section USED AUTO AVAILABLE. On the auto lot description page, click the "ORDER" button and fill out the order form indicating all registration data.

2. UNDER THE ORDER: If you did not find the car you are interested in in stock, or among the cars sold, you can fill out an application for a car by filling out the ORDER FORM on the website.



After sending the application, we will send you a calculation of the delivery of the car you are interested in. If you have any additional questions for drawing up a delivery calculation, an employee of the company's Sales Department will contact you. With him, you negotiate the details of the order and ask any questions that interest you.

You can also request any additional information about the car you are interested in.



If you are satisfied with the chosen option, a Purchase and Sale Agreement is concluded with you, on the basis of which you make a bank transfer to the company's current account or to one of the company's representatives in your region.

Vehicles from a US warehouse are 100% prepaid, including shipping to your chosen port.

The price of vehicles in stock already includes our commissions, but does not include the cost of delivery to the destination port.



Within 3-10 business days after receiving payment, the car is packed and loaded into a container for shipment to your chosen port.

After customs clearance of the container by the US Customs Service, loading it on the ship, you will receive by express mail the original registration certificate (Title) and the loading document (Dock receipt), which contains the container number and port of destination.



Upon arrival of the car at the destination, you, on the basis of the documents received, carry out customs clearance and registration of the car yourself or with the help of our customs brokers.

Leave a request for an individual car selection.


In the section of the site, a car from America in stock is presented in all its beauty. The company’s specialists have checked and is ready to ship as soon as you place an order. The cost of the car already includes all the costs of the company. You can always contact the company manager and get the necessary information about the model. An individual approach is guaranteed. Buying from this list will be faster and more confident, because all the machines have already passed the control and will be with you as quickly as possible. If the presented models did not fit, you can always place an order for other options. A suitable brand will surely be at the auction, you just have to wait. Ford, Tayota, Audi - and all models of the most recent release - 2017. Once in the cabin of such a car, it is already difficult to deny yourself such comfort and luxury. The delivery of such a cargo is worth the wait, and then catch the enthusiastic looks of passers-by and friends.

The registration procedure is simple, just select the order item and the manager will contact to clarify the details. As soon as the contract is drawn up and payment is made, the car is sent to the future owner. All the nuances with customs, commission and other documentation are borne by the company. You don’t have to worry about this, there are pleasant journeys by car ahead, instead of visiting offices and processing various inquiries.