What guarantees do you give?

Our company operates in the American and CIS markets with a turnover of $ 10-13 million per year. We are affiliated with more than 150 companies. Each transaction is accompanied by official agreements with wine numbers, container numbers, etc. We are ready to provide some of the corporate documents, a dealer license and a link to the state secretariat website where you can make sure that our company has long existed and has been working successfully for many years. We also advise you to visit the reviews section on our website. Our reputation is the main guarantee for our clients. On request, we are ready to provide contacts of real customers in your region.

What are the real delivery times?

The actual delivery time depends on several indicators: the location of the purchased vehicle in the United States, port of departure, port of destination, situation with loading containers, etc. On our website, in the "Transportation" section, we indicate the average delivery time (from 30 days to 3 months). When discussing the terms of the contract with our clients, we always orient them according to the terms. Usually this period is on average 45-60 days.

How much does a car from the USA cost?

The cost of a car from the United States depends on the car model, equipment, year of manufacture, mileage and condition. Also, the model itself affects the cost of the car. Some new models, like the 2021 RAM TRX, are in great demand among buyers with limited production, and the model is also a long-awaited novelty of the market, so the price of this car will be higher than that of a regular RAM 1500. Also, the cost of the car is affected by the cost of delivery to the port, and destination port in the customer's country. Further, customs duties in different countries differ, and when calculating the cost of a car, you need to take into account the cost of customs clearance of the car. If you are interested in buying a car from the USA, please contact our company, and we will make a detailed calculation of the delivery of the selected car on a turnkey basis in the country of destination. Delivery of the car to your city is also possible.

How to buy a car from the USA?

If you want to buy a car from the USA, we will take care of all the issues. Just fill out an application on our website, and our manager will contact you to answer all your questions.

What cars can you buy from the USA?

Using the AutoBazar.US website, you can buy new and used cars from US auctions of various brands and models that are not represented by official dealers in the CIS and Europe. Check the sold cars in the "Catalog" section of our website, and you will see the popular models for export, which were chosen by our clients.

Where can you buy a new SUV?

On AutoBazar.US, you can buy a brand new SUV from the US, including North American-only models such as the Chevrolet Suburban, Lincoln Aviator and Navigator, Toyota 4Runner and Sequoia, and more.

How much does a new SUV cost?

The cost of a new SUV is calculated based on its price, plus dealer fee, shipping and customs clearance costs. Prices for almost all models offered on AutoBazar.US are 10-30% lower than those of other sellers in Europe and the CIS. Take a look at the "Specials" page on our website to see which SUVs are the most popular for export from the USA.

How to calculate the customs duty value for a car from the USA?

The cost of customs in different countries differs due to different laws in force that regulate the activities of customs services of states. We bring you a list of sites that have good customs calculators. Thanks to them, you can independently calculate the cost of customs duties for the car you are interested in. In order to use the calculator, you need to know a truck or car, its cost, year of manufacture, engine volume in cm3 (3.6 l is 3600 cm3), power in hp.

1) Calculator for customs clearance of cars in Russia - http://www.tks.ru/auto/calc

2) Car customs clearance calculator Ukraine - https://www.mdoffice.com.ua/ru/aMDOAvto.html

3) Car customs clearance calculator Belarus: https://auto.tut.by/custom_dues/

4) Calculator for customs clearance of cars in Kyrgyzstan: https://ru.sputnik.kg/economy/20180711/1040134484/kyrgyzstan-rastamozhka-avto-vvoz-kalkulyator.html 5) Calculator for customs clearance of cars in Georgia: http://www.autobazroba.com/calculator.html 6) Calculator of customs clearance for cars in Armenia: https://www.petekamutner.am/csOS_VehiclesCustomsValue.aspx 7) Calculator for customs clearance of cars in Azerbaijan: https://customs.gov.az/en/ferdler-ucun/avtomobillerin-getirilmesi/ 8) Calculator for customs clearance of cars in Kazakhstan: http://kgd.gov.kz/ru/calc/customsAutomobilePayments 9) Calculator for customs clearance of cars in Moldova: http://automd.su/driver/calc_rastamozhka 10) Customs duties on the import of cars into Estonia: http://www.emta.ee/index.php?id=1292