Application and vehicle selection

Browse the section SOLD NEW CARS, SPECIAL OFFERS, as well as cars from the TUNING section. If you are interested in purchasing a similar vehicle click the ORDER tab on the page of the car you are interested in. Then you need to fill out an Application for the vehicle purchase. In the application, try to describe the car that you are interested in.

If you are interested in a car that is not in stock or is not listed in the cars sold section, you can fill out an APPLICATION on our website for the purchase of any car on the US market. After customizing a car on the manufacturer's website, you can write to us at our e-mail: info@autobazar.us, attach the car specifications you chose, and indicate your phone number so we can contact you. 

After receiving your application, our manager will contact you by the phone number you provided and help you configure the car you are interested in and also calculate the cost and delivery terms

We guarantee the MSRP (factory price) except for newly released or not yet released vehicles.


Contract task

After the agreement of the terms of delivery, we agree on the deposit contract and you transfer the payment to our account or leave it with our representatives (usually it is 10% of the total cost).

In the Deposit Agreement, we will reflect the entire configuration created and its cost. After receiving the advance payment, we find the new car from official dealers that match your preferences or place an order for car production and send you the order confirmation.

The production of a new car according to your chosen specifications guarantees full compliance with all your wishes.

If we select a new car available from an authorized dealer, some of your chosen options are not going to be included in the vehicle. In any case, we provide our clients with a wide range of options and purchase a specific new car from the US only after an agreement is made and approval of the client has been reached.


Payment for the vehicle after its acquisition

We pay for the car we agreed on in stock, or that came from the factory on our order to an official dealer from our own funds.

We transport the new car to our site, prepare a detailed report for you with pictures and videos of the brand new car, a copy of the window sticker with a VIN number, all options, the MSRP price, and send you everything with the main contract and invoice for the payment.

You must make the full payment for the new car from America within five business days

At the request of the client, we can equip the new car with various accessories, an additional set of tires and wheels with other tunings you desire to be done. For more information and photos of our work, see the AUTO TUNING section on our website.



After we receive the full payment, we load the car into a container and send it to a port you chose as your preferred delivery destination.

You can find out the prices for delivery by water and trucks in the section .

We can also offer our clients delivery by plane. The cost of air transportation is calculated individually upon request.


Customs and Registration

Upon the arrival of the car to your desired destination, on the basis of the documents received, carry out customs clearance and registration of the car yourself or with the help of our customs brokers.




Select the car you are looking for in the section USED AUTO AVAILABLE. On the car lot description page, click on "ORDER" and fill out the order form indicating all registration data

2. CUSTOM ORDER: If you didnnot find the car you were interested in stock, or among the sold cars, you can fill out an application by filling out the ORDER FORM on our website.


Delivery Cost

After recieving your application, we will send you a calculation of the delivery of the car you are interested in. If you have any additional questions concerning delivery costs, our employee from the Sales Department will contact you. You can begotiate the details of the order and ask any other questions you have.

You can also request any additional information about the car you are interested in.


Sales contract 

If you are satisfied with the chosen options, a Purchase and Sale Agreement will be reached, on the basis of whom you transfer the money to, either a bank transfer to the company's current account or to one of the company's representatives in your region.

Vehicles from a warehouse in US are 100% prepaid, including shipping to the chose port.

The price of the vehicle in stock already includes our commissions, but does not include the cost of delivery to your desired destination.



Within 3-10 business days after reciecing the payment, the car is packed and loaded into a sshipping container to be sent off to your chosen port

After customs clearance of the container by the US Customs Service, loading the container on the ship, you will recieve the original registration certificate (Title) and the loading document (Dock receipt), which contains the container number and ports destination by express mail.


Customs and Registration 

Upon arrival of the car to your chosen destination, on the basis of the documents received, carry out customs clearance and registration of the car yourself or with the help of our customs brokers.



Please note that the search results shown represent only 50% of the total number of vehicles actually participating in the auction

You can also order a car in a free form without being tied to a specific lot. This will significantly expand the range and search capabilities of the desired vehicle


In the application for a car, indicate the make, model, year, body/interior color, maximum mileage, chose options at will

Your main goal is to clearly state the search criteria, dividing them into mandatory and desirable 


CAr search

To find the car you want, go to the "Supported cars from auctions" section on our website.

There you can use the search bar, choose the filters you are interested in, add cars to the virtual "garage" for further comparisons.

Finally, on the page describing the lot you have chosen, click "ORDER" and fill out the order form indicating your maximum bid and registration data.


Order confirmation

After that, a confirmation request with the specified order parameters will be sent to your e-mail.

After confirming the order, an employee from the Sales Department will contact you.

With them, you will negotiate the details of the order and ask if you have, any other questions.

A sales manager will help you make the right choice by analyzing the prices of sold cars of the same model, while also checking the car's history by its VIN number and/or order a certified mechanic to assess the condition of the particular car.


Договор задатка

Не позднее чем за 36 часов до начала аукциона, Вы должны заключить Договор Задатка, на основании которого Вы вносите задаток, сумма которого зависит от стоимости заказываемого Вами автомобиля и составляет 10%-15% от предполагаемой стоимости авто, но не менее $1000 долларов США.

Задаток является подтверждением серьезности Ваших намерений о заказе.

Только после подтверждения и получения задатка мы начнем работу по Вашему заказу.

Начальный взнос можно оставить у официальных представителей AutoBazar.US в Вашем регионе, либо перевести сумму нa банковский счёт нашей компании в США.

В случае выигрыша на аукционе, начальный взнос идёт в счёт конечной стоимости автомобиля.

В случае, если лот не выигрывается за указанную Вами Максимальную Ставку, начальный взнос возвращается по Вашему желанию (при этом Вы покрываете расходы по переводу денег $25), либо остаётся в AutoBazar.US до следующего аукциона.



После того, как автомобиль выигран на аукционе клиент подписывает договор купли/продажи и переводит остаточную сумму денег в течение 2-х рабочих дней. В эту цену входят:

- Цена, за которую менеджер по продажам выиграл лот.

- Налог аукциона в размере от $200 до $500, в зависимости от конечной стоимости лота

- Комиссионные нашей компании $950 за один лот

- Транспортировка автомобиля по территории США от аукциона в порт отправки

- Транспортировка автомобиля из США в порт назначения СНГ или Европы (либо непосредственно в город назначения)

- Страхование морской перевозки 2.5% от заявленной стоимости автомобиля (по желанию клиента)

- Почтовые услуги по пересылке документов $40-$75

В случае, если клиент не переводит деньги в течение 2-х рабочих дней, он покрывает стоянку лота на аукционе в размере $35 за каждые следующие сутки.

В случае, если клиент по каким-либо причинам отказывается внести остаточную сумму, Export Auto Motors удерживает начальный взнос.



В течение 3-10 рабочих дней после получения оплаты, автомобиль упаковывается и загружается в контейнер для отправки в выбранный Вами порт.

После затамаживания контейнера Таможенной Службой США, погрузки его на судно, Вы получаете экспресс-почтой оригинал техпаспорта (Title) и погрузочный документ (Dock receipt), в котором указан номер контейнера и порт назначения.

В процессе перемещения контейнера Вы сможете самостоятельно отслеживать его текущее местонахождение и предполагаемую дату прибытия на странице Отслеживание Контейнеров.


Таможня и регистрация

По прибытии авто в пункт назначения, Вы, на основании полученных документов, осуществляете таможенную очистку и регистрацию автомобиля самостоятельно или с помощью наших таможенных брокеров.

Leave a request for consultation and we will contact you as soon as possible