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Our company has long been a leader in the supply of new and used cars from the USA and Canada. But in recent years, we are increasingly receiving requests for the purchase and supply of turnkey retro cars from the United States. We already have regular customers in this area and of course the necessary experience and knowledge.

There are several major online sites selling retro cars in the US market. As a rule, rare cars are sold there at strong market prices. We not only help our customers in the search and purchase of retro cars from the USA, but also try to optimize the price of the retro car for each client as much as possible. In the USA, a huge number of used cars are in the hands of individuals. And so many of the owners do not know the real value of their rare cars, inherited.

We offer our customers a variety of old timer options, both at dealers and individuals. If we are interested in a retro car located within a radius of 200 miles (321.87 km), then we will go and check it out ourselves. We can also arrange an inspection, check and buy a retro car in any region of the USA. As another option - we offer our customers the opportunity to buy retro cars at bank auctions.

1931 Chevrolet
1929 Buick
1957 Austin Healey 100-6 (BN-4)
1947 Lincoln Continental Continental
1957 Jaguar Mk.VIII Luxury
1958 Cadillac 62 Series
1971 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible
1958 Buick Regal Riviera
1948 Triumph 1800 Roadster
1970 Pontiac GTO

So, let's figure out what retro cars or the so-called oldtimers are. I think that everyone has their own age restrictions, according to which a person classifies a car in the retro category. Here in America, adhere to the scheme, according to which a retro car or a classic car "Classic Cars" must be over 25 years old. Sometimes the connoisseurs of the American retro age bracket for oldtimers drops to 20 years.

Typically, buyers of retro cars from America divide these cars into several categories. Let's take a closer look at each category of oldtimers.

This is a retro car released at the dawn of the automobile industry beginning of the 19th century - 40s. The most famous of them are American antique cars - Ford Model A, Packard, Studebaker, Ford Deluxe, Pierce-Arrow, Buick Roadmaster, Lincoln Continental, Chevrolet Master, Hudson .... The most famous and popular European retro cars of this period are Mercedes-Benz SSK, BMW 327, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Jaguar ss100, MG TF, Triumph 1800. It should be noted that the American market has always been the most attractive for any automaker. Therefore, a large number of rare cars from Europe are concentrated here.
These are the famous retro cars of the American automobile industry, released in the 50s-70s of the 20th century. Cadillac Eldorado, Ford Thunderbird, Mercury Monterey, Chevrolet Bel Air, Buick Riviera, Lincoln Continental, Chevrolet Corvette, are the most famous representatives of the US classic cars.
 "Muscle cars"
These are the legendary sports American retro cars. Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, Pontiac GTO, Chevrolet Chevelle SS454, Oldsmobile Cutlass 442, Buick Skylark Gran Sport, Plymouth Barracuda, Dodge Charger, Chevrolet Camaro, Plymouth Road Runner. American muscle car is a medium-sized car with a fastback body (Fastback), and a powerful engine like V8, designed to achieve maximum speed performance and sold at an affordable price. The muscle car era is the 60s to the mid 70s of the last century. Cheap gasoline, and the practical lack of environmental standards, were the main catalysts for the emergence and development of the legendary American muscle cars.
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