Gary Rechitsky -  Director of Autobazar.US

Hello, dear customers and we-site visitors!

For almost 20 years, our company has been helping people carry out the process of buying vehicles from the American market.

We try to make this process for our customers as easy, profitable and fast as possible.

On this page we want to tell you about us, highlight our competitive advantages, introduce our company employees so that you have an idea who we are.

Over 20 000 cars sold worldwide
We have 13 regional representatives in the CIS countries and Europe
Since 2001 

Our company

on market

 Since 2008 
Launched a website
Since 2013 
We are members of the North American Association of Car Dealers
Since 2014 
We have  our own YouTube channel with more than 36k subscribers 
Of our business is the export of new cars from the USA that are not represented in other markets.
Our team:
Boris Godes
Gary Rechitsky
Robert Ozersky
Inventory Manager
Alexey Sukhorukov
IT Manager
Galina Markova

We consider our satisfied customers to be our main achievement. 
We are proud that we manage to please our customers so much time.

Every year we strive to become only better for you.
Our customer reviews are 100% reliable.

This is not a complete list. But these are all real people. We can connect you with almost every one of them.

You can request contacts from 1-3 of our customers, and we will provide you with their contact information to confirm their accuracy.


Our customers allow us to give their contact information to new customers, and we are very grateful to them for this.


We hope that this information will help you make the right choice when choosing a car supplier from the USA and Canada.