The list at the bottom of this page with links leads to the official websites of these automobile brands in the USA.

  1. 1. Click on the brand of car that interests you.

  2. 2. On the website page that opens, go to the “Build Your Car” or “Build and Price” section (each manufacturer may have a different name for this section, but the word Build will be present). Some automakers are asking for a Zip Code. Enter 44139 (this is the zip code of the area where our company is located).

  3. 3. Choose the model you are interested in from all those represented by this brand in the USA. We get the basic (basic means the minimum, for the minimum configuration) car price, which is the same for all cars of this model in America. MSRP is the price at which the dealer sells the car of our company, as well as to any buyer.

  4. 4. Then step by step select the version, engine, transmission, drive, body color, color and upholstery, options and accessories. At the end, click "Summary"

  5. 5. We get the final price Total MSRP of the car you are interested in in the required configuration.

We guarantee you MSRP. As for discounts, for each car it is determined individually and is determined already in the process of searching for a car after a deposit of 10-15% of MSRP made by you. To the resulting price, we should add the price for our services (for new cars $ 1000) + transportation in America to the port in New York ($ 350 - $ 800).
You can find out the price for transportation in America and to the port of destination in the Delivery section.
It should be noted that our company saves client money by not registering a car in America, and therefore does not pay tax (5% -9% of the cost).

List of car manufacturers

1 Acura
2 Audi
3 Bentley
5 Cadillac
6 Chevrolet
7 Chrysler
8 Dodge
9 Ford
10 GMC
11 Honda
12 Hyundai
13 Jaguar
14 Jeep
15 Kia
16 Land Rover
17 Lexus
18 Lincoln
19 Mercedes
20 Mitsubishi
21 Nissan
22 Porshe
23 RAM Trucks
24 Tesla
25 Toyota
26 Volvo
27 Volkswagen
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