We will connect you with the main auctions in the USA, both whole and broken cars. Choose the car of your dreams, tell us your reasonable price, and our employees will make a bid on your behalf. At the request of the client, a qualified mechanic will conduct a thorough inspection of the car a few days before the auction.

Auction Manheim:


This is one of the largest and most reputable auctions in the United States. It sells several thousand used cars, motorcycles and trucks of various brands every day. You can choose almost any car, with the exception of collectible brands. Most American dealers buy equipment here for further retail resale. The difference between the auction and the average market value for certain brands of cars reaches several thousand dollars. For most lots for sale, there is a detailed description of the technical condition and equipment of the car (paintwork, condition of the passenger compartment, tire wear, etc.). Also, the general technical and external condition of the machine is evaluated on a five-point scale and color indication: green-best, yellow-ok, red-worst. We recommend this auction as the most open according to the description of those. condition of lots sold and optimal prices.

Auction Copart:


This is one of the largest insurance auctions in the United States for the sale of equipment with some (often minor) damage, and most often without it, but for some reason put up for sale by owners or companies. The database is updated every day and covers almost the entire territory of the United States. To search for a car, motorcycle or any other equipment in the search engine, select the brand, model and year of interest.

Auction AutoTrader.com and Cars.com:


This is one of the most optimal Internet resources where you can find and buy a car. The database contains more than 2 million offers for the sale of new and used cars by private owners, dealers and car dealerships. Unlike auctions, where the price is formed during the bidding, the final price is indicated here. This site is distinguished by the convenience of a search system, with which you can sort cars by model year, price, mileage, color, or distance to the port of departure (ZIP 07114), which is important when determining the time and cost of delivery.


Who can bid at auto auctions?


US car auctions are mostly dealerships. That is, to participate in the auction, you need to register and pay for access to auction information. The advantage of these auctions is the following: professionals participate in them, which guarantees the purchase of a car of proper quality.
There are over a thousand car auctions in the USA and Canada. The largest and most popular network is Manheim, with about 100 sites.

How can a Russian buy a car in the USA at car auctions? Unfortunately, personally, a car from the USA cannot be bought at auction. Only dealers are allowed to bid. You, as a buyer, can choose a car on the website and place an application for it with one of the dealers presented. Then you need to make a deposit. After successfully buying a car at an auction, you pay its full price, and only after that your used car from the USA is already shipped to the ship and leaves for the new owner.


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