2017 Ford F-150 Raptor
Marsel Badreev / Moscow, Russia
Good afternoon! I received my Raptor today! Thank you so much for this beautiful beast.
2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label
Vladimir Chepko / Moscow, Russia
Good afternoon, Igor! I got it! I wanted this car back in 2016, and finally it is mine now. Thank you my friend! You put up with me for 3 months ... and 2 more ... You helped me make my dream comes true. You can’t even imagine what a sensation this machine makes! Its color is driving everyone crazy. When it leaves - this is a real event on the road and on the parking lots! It's filmed in photos and videos, examined, questioned ... Mercedes Benz and BMW are in full knockout. I mean it seriously. And how I like her! I get a tone of adrenaline. Thanks again.
2018 Ford Raptor
Bakhtyar, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

During the whole purchase process we received very active client support, punctuality and integrity. We will continue working with you in the future.

Chevrolet Camaro 2016
Sergei Mogilenskii, Torrevieja, Spain

Car purchase is a difficult process that comes with many responsibilities. Especially this is the case if you are buying a vehicle overseas. I was very lucky; I turned for help to specialists at AutoBazar.US . Very quickly a vehicle was found on a lot, the delivery to the port was organized and it was sent via sea to the place of my residents – Spain.  The car was delivered in the agreed upon time frame without any issues, the condition fully fit the description provided previously. What really made me happy was that, even after the delivery of the vehicle company AutoBazar.US finds time to contact the client in order to see if the client is satisfied with the vehicle, how the customs process went and if the client has any questions regarding the operation of the vehicle. Simply put, very professional and responsible company.