John Deere 1590
O. L. Nedelko, Dnipropetrovskaya Oblast, Ukraine

Thank you for fulfilling the contract for delivery of the John Deere 1590 drill.  

The drill was delivered via container without any physical damage. It was transported with all of it pieces intact. The drill was taken apart and pact in a very nice way. Unloading and assembly of the drill proved to be very easy.

Over all great - great, bunker for seeds and fertilizers - excellent, the inner working parts are good, worn seeding discs have minimal wear,  chains are in great condition, transport wheels are in great condition, hydraulic system is in working order.

 Thank you very much for the job well done .

  Director, Agrosweet-K, O. L. Nedelko

2017 Dodge Ram 1500
Vadim Ivanov, Moscow, Russia

Big thanks to company AutoBazar.US for an amazing car. Cooperation with you only leaves positive impression. Next time I am looking to purchase something I will surely use your company and will recommend you to all my family and friends.


Sincerely V. U. Ivanov

2017 Toyota Tundra
Kartashov Alexandr, Moscow, Russia

I express my gratitude to the team for the professionalism and efficiency during selection of the exact vehicle that I wanted. Company recommended themselves as a reliable business partner, that is able to solve any problems that may arise. I am very glad that I chose you, as a partner, and I look forward to further fruitful cooperation. Special thanks to the director, he is a rare example of ideal business partner. For the first time ever during a purchase of a car I was told "Alex, you have some money left over because comes came in with a discount". During the whole time of the transaction there were no delays or errors, everything was done on time and properly. At the current time, it is the human factor that is decisive in choose a permanent partner.

With respect and wishes for future prosperity, Kartashov A.

2010 Lexus GX 460
Bartsits Ruslan, Pitsunda, Abkhazia

By recommendation I wrote to AutoBazar.US, they called me back right away. I explained to them about characteristics of a vehicle that I desire and a couple hours later I already have photos of a needed car. All manipulations regarding payment and transaction were done with the help of the local representative in Sochi. After two months, with the help of the Sochi representative I received my vehicle in Novorussia and easily got to Abkhazia. The car is in a great shape. Thank you very much for a very good job done and being very courteous to your clients. In the future I will work only with you. Recommend them!