Wrecked cars from auctions

Wrecked cars from auctions

Car auction

Buying a car is always a serious cost, therefore, everyone who plans to purchase a vehicle is looking for the most profitable options in order to save their budget. Few people know that today in the United States there are so-called "emergency" auctions that allow you to save on the purchase of up to 30% of the market value of the vehicle. The largest are the US Copart and IAAI car auctions, which offer both wrecked and ready-to-use cars. At first glance, it seems that such machines are too expensive and can lead to a complete loss of finance, but this is not the case. This site will help you quickly, profitably and safely choose a used car at an insurance auction, as well as buy broken cars from America.

How to buy a car safely and profitably at an emergency auction?

Crash auctions are platforms where broken cars are put up for sale. Every day a lot of cars find buyers and go to different countries. The key to a successful purchase is not only an affordable price, but also a properly organized purchase process. Our company offers services for the purchase of machines on a turnkey basis.

When cooperating with the auction, many participants neglect to study the terms of the contract in detail, which, as a result, leads to confusion, and may entail additional, moreover, significant financial expenses. To avoid this, and to become the owner of a car from America as easily and quickly as possible, it is recommended to use the services of trusted dealers. Our company offers you support and full support for your deal on the purchase of a battered car, on favorable terms. We also have:

The entire procedure is conducted in Russian.
Favorable cost of customs clearance of a broken car from the USA.
Minimum insurance premium.
A thorough check of lots for all possible bases, if necessary, we can order an additional service for an expert examination on the spot in order to exclude serious damage and other nuances.
When choosing an emergency vehicle, we make a calculation, which will allow us to determine the price and choose the most suitable option for the client.
Convenient delivery, along a carefully planned route.
A unique service is the restoration of a car from an auction. We also offer our customers the option of buying and then restoring a car on our site. Considering that there are not many spare parts for cars that are in demand for export in destination countries, and sometimes customers want to immediately install some additional options, this option will be very profitable.
Help and advice from specialists.
Favorable discounts for emergency vehicles. Our company will calculate the delivery of a car based on the statistics of prices for undamaged cars and will provide a 10-20% discount from the market price for an already restored car. The client does not need to think about where to order spare parts, he will receive a ready-made repaired car, ready for use.
Help with purchasing parts. If you are planning an independent car restoration, we will help you find and buy the necessary spare parts, and send them along with the vehicle.

By contacting us, you will reduce the risks of buying a used car to a minimum, and you will be able to receive your vehicle in a short time with minimal transportation costs.


Benefits of purchasing wrecked cars

Copart and Iaai, among others, are auctions in the USA where broken cars are up for sale. Some consider such a purchase impractical, but if you look at it from the other side, you can see the opposite. Here are cars with the status of Salvage, that is, those that are economically impractical to restore. But this only applies to residents of America, since the services of repair shops for cars are very expensive. In addition, American law provides for strict adherence to regulations and standards regarding vehicle repairs. If the car is not properly repaired and does not pass the check, it is prohibited to use it on public roads.

Why is buying a used car at auction a great solution? Very simple. The auction exposes an emergency vehicle with minimal damage. Because of this damage, the operation of the machine in the United States is prohibited, and therefore the machine is returned at the cost of scrap metal. Our buyers can profitably buy a vehicle and restore it at low cost, and then use the car or resell it on the domestic market.

How to become our client?

Regardless of whether you live in the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine or Russia, you can use the services of our company. To become the owner of a broken vehicle from emergency auctions, you just need to visit our website and place an order online, indicating your wishes in it, or contact the manager by phone. Our specialist will take care of the turnkey process - selection, inspection of a car, participation in an auction, organization of delivery, preparation of all


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