New Cars

How To Buy New Cars From USA

Our company specializes in buying and delivering new cars from the US. Since the export of new cars from the USA makes up about 70% of our business, we acquired contracts with biggest auto dealers in the USA: Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, BMW, Audi, Lexus, Toyota, Acura, Honda, Ford, Infiniti, Subaru, Chrysler, Jeep, Cadillac. Our reputation and long history of cooperation with dealerships allow us to buy such cars at the lowest prices available. We can also place your order for a car that is not even in production yet, so you will be able to be one of the first owners of a hot automotive breakthrough. For example we were one of the first companies that purchased a new Porsche Macan S, and our Video Review was one of the first on the Russian social media circuit. 

Keep in mind that our company has different auto dealership licenses in the USA. Due to which we don't have to pay sales tax (6%-9% of car price) during the purchase of new cars in the USA. Therefore this tax is also not paid by our clients.

Our delivery services for new cars from the USA are not only used by individuals, but also by brokers. Around 60% of new car purchases from the USA are done by dealers and brokers from Russia, China, USA and other countries.

 Therefore by contacting our company, you have an ability to buy a vehicle from the USA without middlemen and therefore for the lowest price.

 Process of purchasing a new car from the USA using AUTOBAZAR.US: 

1. First You fill out an Order for a car purchase. In the order form please describe in the full detail a car that interests you. You can also calculate by yourself the price of any car on the USA auto market using the page "How to Find a New Car Price". After building a car on the manufacturer's website, You can send us an email to, attach the specifications of the model that you want and give us a phone number that we can contact you by. After we receive Your Order or email, our manager will contact You, manager will help you configure the automobile that you desire and calculate price and rules of the transportation. We guarantee the MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price), not including fresh off the factory cars or cars not even in the production. This is obvious, it is very difficult to acquire such a vehicle, sometimes in order to purchase them you must sign up for a waiting list that can last couple months, therefore extra costs may occur.

2. We make a Deposit Contract with You and You, transfer the deposit to our account, or you give the money to our representatives (usually it is 10% of the price). In the Deposit Contract we will highlight the full configuration of the car and its price. After we receive Your deposit, we will select a new vehicle from the lot of a official dealership, or place an order for production and send You the order confirmation. Ordering a vehicle via your own configuration guarantees that every option that you want will be there. Otherwise if you select a car from the official dealers, some of the options may not be exactly what you want. In any case we give our clients multiple choices and we buy a specific new car from the USA only after acknowledgment and approval of our client.

3. We pay for the car on the lot, or delivered from, configured by you , the factory to the official dealer. Deliver the new car to our lot, prepare for You fotos,copy of the window sticker and VIN, all the options and MSRP, and send to You with our contract and invoice for purchase. Full payment for a new car from the USA You must make within 5 business days.

4. After we receive the full payment, we load the container and send You the new car to the previously agreed upon delivery dock. Prices for the delivery via sea and transport you can find out in section "Transportation".  We can also offer our clients delivery via air. Price of the air delivery is calculated on the case by case bases.

5. All accompanying documents: Title or MCO (manufacturer's certificate origin), Bill of Lading, insurance certificate and all originals of our contracts and invoices, we will send to You via express mail to Your home or business address.

6. If our client desires we can load their new car from the USA with many different accessories, extra set of tires and rims and tuning. To find out more and look at photos of our previous endeavors please go to Auto Tuning section.

Down below you can see the new cars that we currently have on our lot in the USA.