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Year, mark, model buyed car:
2010 Dodge Journey

For many years I have prefered american cars due to their comford and safety. This time I also kept my choice and chose to order a car from the United States. Between many different options for buying and exporting vehicle from USA, I chose www.AutoBazar.US. They were recommended to me by Dodge Journey forum. I sent them an order, to which I quickly got a reply. After agreeing on all details and filling our all the proper documentaion, they picked out for me a desired vehicle. Purchase and delivery process of vehicle from US to Russia is not a quick one. Need to have some patience. The result will be worth the wait trust me! I received an awesoem car. Very happy with it. I want to especially thank Gary for the prolonged job of seraching for a right vehicle and delivery of the car to Kotka. Everything was setup perfectly, the car arrived at the set time. The whole procedure in port took no more than 30 minutes (dont compare with the time spend on the Russian border). The import of car into Russia was also a fairly easy process. All state vehicle options, quality of the product and description match the received vehicle. I want to tank Gary good luck and future company growth, and to all want to get a good vehicle from USA - contact www.AutoBazar.US !!!

Arkadiy, Moscow, Russia

Year, mark, model buyed car:
2013 Ford Mustang V6

Awesome service, always ready to answer a phone call, have a lot of experience in handling all little details and area always willing to explain anything you want. All the arrangements,agreed to before delivery, were completed to the smallest detail without any deviation. Thank you for the job well done guys, I hope we will work together in the future.

Vladimir, Moscow, Russia

Year, mark, model buyed car:
2013 Toyota Tundra Limited Double Cab

I ordered a new car, gave a full description of what I want and the options, send a 10% deposit, after the factory delivered the vehicle I paid the full amount, waited little bit and got my beauty in Kotka! 150 words of feedback describe main idea of my cooperation with company AutoBazar.US.


But!...Just like everyone knows, the hardest part is the wait. I waited for my car 133 days. During this time I had concerns (sent money to someone I don't know, in a country far far away), also hand create dilemma (wanted to order some nice parts for my new beauty). But, all these worries were pointless, creative dilemma was refreshing and all of this due to high professionalism, complete understand and customer car from Director of Sales Department Gary, with whom I had full contact all the time. We had constant email convo going on and telephone calls, during which we didn't order just a car but two dozen of very cool options and tuning accessories for my "baby". I want to point out that, everything was done very carefully and was packed with very high class. Everything came to port in perfect condition. Gary took and sent me hundreds of photos, thanks to which, I saw all the events that took place in real time, it felt like I was there in person as my vehicle was being created, therefore the wait seemed to be much shorter.

In summary: company fully took care all their obligations, I got my vehicle, just like I wanted it for a previously agreed upon price and right on time,everything done exactly like on a contract.


Conclusion: Reliable company with very professional employees, which I can fully recommend to all my friends!

Regards, Sergey

Sergey Kuzhelok, Vidnoye, Russia

Year, mark, model buyed car:
2010 BMW X6 xDrive35i

Thanks very much to AutoBazar.US! Picked out a car, which fit all categories. Everything was done quickly, with great qualit,accesibly. Help was provided for any questions. I am planning to acquire my next car through AutoBazar.US. It was very nice to work with you!

Eugene, Surgut, Russia

Year, mark, model buyed car:
2013 Chevrolet Camaro 2LT

I have huge thanks. Was very nice to work with you, everything was done quickly and without problems.

Anna, Moscow, Russia

Year, mark, model buyed car:
2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse G4

I was ordering a vehicle using this method for the first time, my friends recommended AutoBazar.US to me and I do not regret my decision at all. Car was being ordered as a gift for my lovely wife. I really enjoyed the customer care, in Russia you will never find this sort of treatment, you will never get such quick answers for your questions especially if they are very dumb (I mean it was my first doing something like this, so I was acting little bit dumb) Very calmly, throughly and with maximum accuracy explained everything to me, picked out a car, advised and calmed me down regarding the ongoing purchase. Since the car is very exclusive and due to my small budget I didn't have a large variety of choices, but even with such small selection they found for me and delivered exactly what i wanted, even to this day it brings joy to me and my wife. Not once I had any concerns with the competence of this company regarding their financial obligations, but initially I had some concerns about deposit and possible fraud, but that is probably effect of living in Russia. In conclusion of our cooperation I liked everything very much and in the future if I or any of my friends will need to import a good car from America, I know who to turn to for help. And I strongly advise others!

Alex, Moscow, Russia

Year, mark, model buyed car:
2013 Lincoln MKX AWD

Year, mark, model buyed car:
2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Year, mark, model buyed car:
2010 Lexus RX350 AWD

Year, mark, model buyed car:
2010 Chevrolet Camaro 2LT RS

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